Nina Ricci floral front embellished sandals

Nina Ricci flower sandals

Nina Ricci flower sandals

Nina Ricci pink floral front sandals, $1,096

These floral-fronted Nina Ricci sandals are really pretty, but, to be perfectly honest, I don’t think they’re quite $1,095 worth of “pretty”, so I initially hesitated to feature them here. In the end, though, they were just too sweet and spring-like NOT to show you, and you all know how obsessed I am with all things pink at the moment, so here they are!

Speaking of pink, this is a very neutral version of the shade, and thus it’ll be a little more wearable than the baby pinks or neon brights that are also fashionable right now. On some of us, in fact, these shoes will be very close to skin-toned, allowing them to work with almost everything. The flower embellishment on the front is very intricate, and worth zooming in on at the Shopbop website: I suspect it’s this little detail that’s added a chunk of money onto the price tag, although Nina Ricci has never been known as a budget brand, either!

So, what you you wear with these shoes? I didn’t have to think too hard about that question: I’d spotted this pretty little Oasis dress earlier in the day, and knew it needed a shoe that wasn’t too colourful on its own:

What to wear with Nina Ricci floral front sandals:

bird print dress outfit

dress // bag // bracelet // lipgloss // blush 

Oasis have a really great spring/summer collection out at the moment: they really excel at making summer dresses, and more than a few of them have caught my eye recently. This beautiful bird-print shift dress is one of my current favourites – I love the pattern, and although I do think it needs a block colour shoe, rather than a patterned one, you could easily pick up any one of the colours in the dress, if you wanted to go for a more colourful/coordinated look.

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