Loungewear to lust over from you’ll-never-guess-where

Yellow Sateen Floral Print Kimono Robe

Yellow Sateen Floral Print Kimono Robe

I don’t know what it is with me and loungewear: honestly, I think I’m actually a completely different person  in my head than I am in real life, because, if it was up to, I’d have closets full of silky negliges and gorgeous PJs… even although I know I probably wouldn’t wear any of it.

Take the set above, for instance? Gorgeous, isn’t it? I wanted to buy it the second I saw it, but I managed stop myself in time, because when would I wear it? I wouldn’t wear a jumpsuit to bed, for one thing: hell, I don’t even like wearing long PJs to bed (I always get too warm in them, and the feeling of all that fabric around my legs just never seems particularly comfortable…), but I reckon a jumpsuit would be even more annoying, because can you imagine trying to fumble your way out of it if you needed a bathroom break in the middle of the night?

Sleeping in it is out, then, and while I do like to THINK of myself as the kind of person who lounges in front of the TV in silk pyjamas, the reality is that I’m ACTUALLY the kind of person who lounges in front of the TV in an old pair of leggings and a sweatshirt, and I suspect that if I DID try to change my ways, it would last a few days before I’d revert back to type, so I basically have no excuse whatsoever to buy the jumpsuit: none. I still want to, though, and on the plus side, I WOULD get some use out of the robe, so I guess now is where I reveal that these two pieces come from none other than… NEW LOOK! Go get ’em guys, before I end up snapping them up anyway…

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