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the jersey dress company

I love jersey dresses.

As someone who loves to dress up, but who rarely every has an excuse to actually do it, jersey dresses are a true style saviour. It’s true that some jersey dresses would still be way too “dressy” for everyday life (in my case, at least!), but most of them have the ability to be dressed up or down as required, making them a great choice for those of us who need practical clothes, but who don’t want to have to sacrifice style in the process.

Speaking of practicality, jersey is a particularly easy fabric to wear and care for. It can often be machine washed, and it tends not to crease too easily, which is always a big consideration for me: one of the reasons I don’t get as much wear out of the rest of my dresses is the simple fact that I work from home, and they’d just get creased from constantly sitting at my desk – or, OK, lying on the couch – in them. Jersey doesn’t generally have that issue, though… which is why I was so excited to discover CeMe London– which is, as the image above suggests, an entire brand based on jersey.

Now, I’ve only just discovered this brand (and am really annoyed that it’s taken me this long!), so I can’t speak to the quality of the products, but from a quick scroll of the website, I can already see them turning into a favourite. They sell a huge range of dresses, in tons of different styles and colours, and quite a few of them have already made it onto my wish list: I can see this getting just a little bit expensive, to be perfectly honest…

Anyone shopped from this brand before? What did you think of the dresses?

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