Friday Favourites | Three things to buy from Mango

2016 was, amongst many other things, the year I rediscovered Mango. I used to shop there a lot when I was in my late teens/early twenties: they were one of the few brands whose clothes actually seemed to fit me properly at the time, and there was a time a few years back when they were responsible for a good percentage of my closet.

Once I moved back home after university, however, Mango dropped off my radar for a while – mostly because there isn’t a store in my local mall, and for some reason it never seemed to occur to me to look at their website, despite my love of the brand. This year, however, all of that changed: a holiday to Tenerife earlier in the year brought Mango back to my attention (as you probably know, they’re a Spanish brand, and their Spanish stores always seem better stocked than the UK ones do), and when I got home, I made a point of checking the website on a regular basis. Which os how I came to find this dress:

Blue knit dress

The struggle not to buy this dress has been very, very real for me: knit dresses are a winter staple for me, but it’s unusual to find one in this colour, which I really love. Speaking of colours I love, however…

forest green knit dress

Forest green will get me every time, and I love the slash neckline on this dress – which is also in a lovely, knit fabric.


tan leather biker jacket

I already have two biker jackets – one black, one green – which I wear all the time. What I don’t have, however, is a tan leather version, and I’m thinking this jacket could fill that gap rather nicely. I still regret not buying the beige biker jacket I saw in Tenerife this spring, after all: it would be silly to make the same mistake twice, wouldn’t it?

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  • LOVE the blue dress, but are those sheer stripes in the skirt? Wouldn’t the top one flash your underwear when you were sat down?
    I got a tan biker jacket for Christmas last year and it goes with everything. You should definitely buy this one. xx

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