ASOS Hampshire pink strappy sandals

pink strappy sandals

ASOS ‘Hampshire’ pink strappy sandals, £35

I’m really loving ASOS this season.

And, I mean, I love ASOS EVERY season, really. This year, however, has been a particularly good one so far, and in addition to all of those amazing dresses (I have two of them in my basket as I write this…) and fabulous full skirts, they’ve also been doing a rather nice line in shoes, with lots of simple shapes in stunning colours. You can’t go wrong with that formula, and you can’t really go too far wrong with a pair of pastel pink t-bars, either: cue these pretty pink ‘Hampshire’ sandals.

These are just £35, but with a shiny silver heel to go with the pastel upper, they’re the kind of shoes that will work equally well for day or night. The colour is certainly very trendy right now, but I don’t think it’s a colour that will ever really be OUT of style, and it’s one of those shades that goes with almost everything, which is why I’m using these shoes as a blatant excuse to show you this Oasis skirt:

what to wear with pink sandals: floral midi skirt

How to wear a midi skirt:

skirt // top // necklace // sunglasses // bag

Oasis featured this on their Facebook page a few days ago, and it was instantly granted “Wish List” status. It’s now available to buy, and is one of those classic summer pieces that you’ll have in your closet for years: or I would, anyway. I’m trying to resist stocking up on all of these full midi skirts that are in the stores right now but it’s not easy: I know that soon they’ll be out of fashion, but I’ll still want to wear them, so it’s very tempting to buy them while they’re available in such copious quantities! Still: there’s always eBay, for the inevitable day when they become hard to find in stores again!


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