Dorothy Perkins blue high strappy sandals

Doorthy Perkins blue strappy sandals

Dorothy Perkins blue strappy sandals, £29

I didn’t buy much from them over the winter season, but as you may have gathered, I’ve been really impressed by what I’ve seen of Dorothy Perkins’ spring/summer stock so far, and particularly with the shoes, which are mostly simple, stylish, and, above all, affordable.

They’re not quite Primark-priced, of course, and you can see from the image that these are a man-made material, but at £29, I think they’re pretty good value, and the kind of shoes that will help you inject a bit of summery style into your wardrobe, without spending too much money. The heel on these is 3.5″ (which almost counts as “low” by Shoeper standards), and the criss-cross strap at the ankle provides a nice, dressy touch. These also come in black, but I’m not going to show you black sandals when I can show you sky blue ones instead, now am I? Which brings me to the question…

There’s a whole lot of this colour available in the stores at the moment, so if you want to try to match the shade of the shoes, you should be able to do it without too much trouble. Instead, however, I’ve decided to go for one of the ubiquitous floral prints that are everywhere right now:

blue strappy sandals outfit

What to wear with blue strappy sandals:

dress // shrug // bag // bracelet

OK, I DID kinda match the colour, too. You would expect no less of me, I’m sure.

This dress is much shorter than I’d wear personally, but would look cute on someone else. The shrug, meanwhile, is so expensive it made my eyes water, so I’d definitely be searching for something a bit more budget-friendly if I had time. There are always quite a few of these around at this time of year, though, and I find them more flattering than cardigans (which can wind up looking a little saggy if you’re not careful), because they keep your arms and shoulders warm without covering up whatever you’re wearing underneath them. And it would be criminal to cover-up a print as pretty as this one, no?

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