Roger Vivier 100mm ‘Virgule Fleur’ satin sandals

roger vivier sandals

Roger Vivier sandals, £774

I have a love/hate relationship with Roger Vivier shoes. I LOVE the curvy heels, as seen on the sandals shown above. But I hate the squared-off toes which almost always accompany them:

square toe on shoes

And OK, “hate” is probably too strong a word here. Square toes are a Roger Vivier trademark, but I’ve never been very keen on them, and think they can look very dated – and not in a “retro cool” way, either. Still, the fact that these are open-toed sandals as opposed to closed-toe pumps solves that problem: you won’t actually see the shape of the toe once you’re actually wearing the shoe. All the same, as much as I adored these when they first appeared on my screen, I think the side view is much nicer than the front view, which is a shame, because from the side they’re truly spectacular.

Although I probably wouldn’t buy these personally (even if I DID have a spare £774 to spend on shoes!) I did have a go at styling them, and here’s what I came up with:

what to wear with floral sandals

What to wear with floral sandals:

dress // earrings // bracelet // bag 

Floral sandals just scream “summer”, and I think Alice + Olivia’s ‘Aubree’ dress (which does likewise) would be a nice compliment to these shoes, creating the kind of look you – by which I mean “I” – might wear to a summer wedding, or similar event. Oh, and not forgetting some brightly-coloured nail polish, seeing as these are open-toed!




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