Friday Fix: Christian Louboutin 120 MM Metalipp Suede Pumps

Chrstian Louboutin Metalipp blue suede pumps

I know I’ve shown you a few variations on this particular style of shoe now, but I can’t help it: a shoe like this deserves to be seen!

This is the Metalipp 120mm, and it comes with a gold pin heel, matching toe cap, and a blue suede upper (which is the perfect contrast for the bright red sole!). The colour combination, plus the braiding on the toe cap gives this an almost “military” feel (assuming, of course, that the military wore stilettos. Which they don’t.)

As with almost all of Louboutin’s designs, however, it’s the shape that really makes the shoe. The colours, fabrics and design details are all fabulous, but that curvy shape would probably look good no matter what you covered it in, don’t you think?

These are $635 at Louise Via Roma: click here to buy them.


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