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Madwell Transport Weekender review

A few weeks ago I decided to treat myself to a Madewell Transport Weekender  bag, and liked it so much that I thought a quick post was in order – so here it is!

Now, I’m not a girl who likes to travel light: on my last trip abroad, I had to pay to upgrade my luggage allowance before I even boarded the flight, and on the way home I under up walking onto the plane wearing one jacket (with a couple of layers underneath) and carrying another. Well, what can I say: clothes and shoes are what I consider “souvenirs” – they’re the best thing to bring back with me!

Because of my complete inability to edit my suitcase, then (This is why I could never live with a true capsule wardrobe, no matter how much I like the idea of them!), until recently I’ve always been the person paying to check in a suitcase, no matter how short the trip. For the most part, that’s worked out OK for me, but on my last weekend away, it was a real hassle – especially on the return flight, which I almost missed due to heavy traffic on the road to the airport. I ended up having to sprint through the airport with my suitcase, and then endure a scathing lecture from the woman on the check-in desk, and when I realised that my suitcase had almost made me miss my flight (and cost me quite a bit extra into the bargain), I decided I had to at least TRY to pack light next time.

Enter the Madewell Transport Weekender.

This bag is big – like, so big that when it arrived, I was actually worried that it would be too large to be allowed in the cabin of the aircraft. (It’s not – I checked!) I haven’t actually travelled with it yet, but I did do a bit of a trial run, filling it up with my vanity case, and enough clothes for a long weekend away, and it comfortably passed the test. What’s more, it’s just a really nice bag to look at and use: the leather is buttery soft, the workmanship is excellent, and I love the tan leather, which works with everything, and is probably my favourite colour for a bag. In fact, if this was a little bit (or, OK, a big bit) smaller, I’d be tempted to carry it everywhere: as it is, I guess I’ll just have to hope for a weekend away!


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