I wish I was wearing… black pants, pink coat, Jimmy Choos

OOTD featuring pink coat and black trousers


As much as I love getting dressed up, sometimes I’m at my absolute happiest when I’m wearing something super-simple, and really quite basic.

Well, it doesn’t get much more “basic” than a pair of black skinny pants and a matching sweater. Add a pair of statement heels, in the form of Jimmy Choo’s amazing ‘Kayomi’ pumps, however, and all of a sudden, that basic look is elevated into something a little more special: such is the power of a great pair of shoes! Oh, and great accessories don’t hurt either: I love combinations of pink and black (it always makes me think of ballerinas, which is never a bad thing…), so this H&M coat and Chloe bag make for the perfect finishing touches to this fantasy outfit of the day.

(To be fair, I think that bag would be the perfect finishing touch to just about ANY OOTD: it’s most definitely in the “fantasy” league, though, thanks to that £1,000+ price tag!)

The key to an outfit like this is all in the fit, and in the quality. The trousers have to fit perfectly as does the top – which, in this case, also has a Bardot neckline, to make it slightly more interesting than a regular black sweater. The shoes and handbag don’t necessarily have to be expensive (although these ones obviously are…), but they DO have to be decent quality. I’m happy to save money wherever I can, and have a shoe collection which runs from Primark to Prada, but I do think some items are worth investing a little more in, and shoes and handbags often (although not ALWAYS) fall into that category.* These are the elements that can make or break or an outfit, and which can allow you to call a simple pair of black trousers and top an “outfit”.

This look would also fit in perfectly with my Audrey Hepburn-inspired capsule wardrobe: check it out here, if you haven’t already!

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