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Now, don’t get me wrong: I’d been aware of Lindy Bop before then, and I’d even bought a couple of their dresses, but somehow in December they all of sudden went from “like” to “LOVE” for me, and I couldn’t get enough of the brand. I bought two dresses in December alone, and have another one on the way as I write this (oh, and I’m rather partial to their capri pants, too). What happened, I wonder? Did Lindy Bop suddenly get REALLY good, or I did I just start to REALLY look at their dresses for the first time? I’m not quite sure, but what I DO know is that, since then, I’ve added many more of their offerings to my Wish List, so here are some of my favourite Lindy Bop dresses right now:


Ophelia dress in mint green by Lindy Bop


This dress is actually more-or-less identical to Trashy Diva’s ‘Honey’ dress: so much so, in fact, that I can’t help but wonder how they got away with it! With that said, it’s a gorgeous dress: I have the ‘Honey’ dress in emerald green, but I also love this pale green version – so sweet!

02. FAY

Fay heart print dress

03. JONI

As I’m publishing this post on February 12th, I feel obliged to point out that Fay here would be perfect for Valentine’s day. Really, though, when ISN’T it a good day for a heart-print dress? Exactly.

Lindy Bop Joni dress

Joni is one of those dresses I absolutely LOVE… but would probably never have an opportunity to wear, on account of the fact that a) I’m not a bride and b) it’s not the early 1960s. And, I mean, I’m sure there are plenty of other places you could wear a dress like this, if you just put your mind to it, but ’60s bride’ was the image that first popped into my head, and now I just can’t shake it. Seriously, imagine this dress with a little pillbox hat, a birdcage veil and a cute little cropped jacket. A bit like this, actually:

Lindybop Maybelle twinset

This is actually a different dress (Maybelle), but it’s equally gorgeous, and very “Mad Men”, dontchya think?


Dolce black and cream stripe dress by Lindy Bop

I’m partial to black and white (or black and cream, in this case) stripes, and this dress has so much impact, considering the simple shape. I, of course, would wear it with red shoes, lipstick and nails, but it will work with just about any colour you can think of!


'Vanessa' Candy Blue Stripe Wiggle Dress

The bodice of this dress is very similar to the ‘Ophelia’ dress, but this one has a pencil shape, and a more day-time appropriate fabric and feel. I love the summery blue and white stripes: and, speaking of stripes…


'Matilda' Ice Cream Stripe Rockabilly Shirt Dress

Matilda is currently sold out in my size, otherwise I don’t think I’d have been able to resist those glorious, ice-cream colours. This is a style Lindy Bop tend to release throughout the year, in tons of different colours and prints, though, so if I don’t get lucky with this one, I’m sure I’ll find something else!


Lindy Bop 'Tabby' Pink Polka Dot Off Shoulder Wiggle Dress

Tabby is also available in a range of colours: I love this pink polka dot version, but honestly, I’d struggle to choose between them all!

08. Gilda

'Gilda' Navy Bird Print Swing Dress

Although many of the styles I’ve shown you so far are rather summery in feel, I think Gilda could work right now, thanks to the darker colours: just add a cropped cardi and a pair of tights, and you’re all set.


Lindy Bop 'Gilda' Navy Bird Print Swing Dress

Audrey is a Lindy Bop classic, and, like many Lindy Bop dresses, is constantly being re-invented, with different colours and prints to set off the perfect, 50s-inspired shape. This one, though, is my favourite – for now, at least.


Lindy Bop 'Charlotte' Navy Gingham Day Dress

Finally, I know many of you – myself included – love dresses with sleeves, which aren’t always the easiest to find. Lindy Bop’s ‘Charlotte’, however, is a fabulous day dress for spring summer, complete with long sleeves: they do exist!

Which is your favourite of these Lindy Bop dresses?



  • Not my style, though they are beautiful! I wish you could have them all and show us how wonderful they work for you. However, as a seamstress I just can’t get behind Charlotte. If you’re going to use such a large pattern, you have got to match it across the front!

  • Lovely choices!

    I really like the recent evolution of this site eventhough —I’m sorry my computer indicates I made a mistake but my english is no so good as for me to find the good word— I already liked it a lot before.
    Especially the invitation to consider ourselves also as shoeperwomen in your blog title.
    It’s nice to see ourselves not only as fashion dependent or clothes-on-screen addicts but as clever and astute shoepers. Positive thinking!
    Love it.

    Also I don’t comment as often as I should whereas I love your three blogs. I might be more dependent on your writing than on clothes. It’s usually so funny.
    And I comment today on a less hilarious post. Typical of my usual bad timing habits.

    I mean “thanks” for your hard work. It looks effortless and easy but you think a lot about all you do and it is always impressive to see how transparent and interesting you manage to be about every post.
    I think I love your “metablogging” (I don’t know if the word exists) as much as your more “traditional” posts.

    And I know it would have been wiser to publish this on foreveramber in the comment section of a post about blogging but…

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