The perfect patent peeptoe platform slingbacks, by Guess

I know there’s nothing very different or unique about these shoes, but there’s also something rather Louboutin-on-a-budget about them too, so I’ll take a pair in every colour, please, and I promise to wear them until they fall apart. Not that it would be difficult, of course: this particular style, in these three colours, would be the only shoes I’d need to get through the summer (and a large part of the rest of the year, too), and as they cost just $89 each, they won’t cost a fortune, either.

Click here to buy a pair (or, you know, two.)


  • Loving the red ones! There’s just something about a simple yet perfectly shaped shoe in a bold colour…

    Loving the new header as well btw, very curious about the new challenge coming up…

  • I passed by the Guess shop at the shopping center near my office yesterday and my first thought upon seeing them there on display was: one pair of each please!

  • I’m not a huge fan of Guess, because this brand seldom uses real leather but sells always its shoes with high prices… However the desigh is really lovely *_*

    (I’ll choose the nude one!! ;D)


  • I need them and I want them.
    I know where my next pay wage is going!!
    Or maybe, if I drop enough hints, my boyfriend will buy them me for Valentines day (but give me them tomorrow.)
    Sending him a link to this page now…

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