KG Kurt Geiger black and gold ‘Hex’ sandals

KG Kurt Geiger black and gold 'Hex' sandals

KG Kurt Geiger black and gold ‘Hex’ sandals

These are the second pair of shoes with text on them that I’ve featured in past few weeks, and I continue to be surprised by how much I like them. Is it just because I’m secretly thinking about how cute that cursive text would look on Instagram? I mean, usually I’d dismiss shoes with words on them as “novelty” shoes, with a very limited shelf life – and give me something classic, that I know I’ll still be wearing in a few years, any time.

These shoes, though? These shoes I kind of love – and not just because they appear to be actually TELLING me to love them, courtesy of that text on the side. Nope, I love the black and gold colour combination (Always a winner in my book), the criss-cross straps over the foot, and the clever way the lettering merges into the design of the shoe. It’s cute, and kind of sexy at the same time, and it’s definitely different from all of the other pairs of shoes currently sitting on my shelves, so hey: maybe a change really is as good as a rest?

In addition to the black and gold version, these shoes also come in a colour which Kurt Geiger describe as ‘MULTI/OTHER’ and I’d describe as “kind of gold and black patches”. Yes. I actually don’t like that upper nearly as much – the text gets a little bit lost amongst the print, which means they don’t have quite the same dramatic effect as these ones: and party heels should be all about the drama, after all!

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