The Red Leather Boots of Dreams

Sam Edelman Rylan Rust Red Leather Heeled Knee Boots

I’ve seen these red leather boots by Sam Edelman at Shopbop a few times now, and have just scrolled past them without so much as a second glance: which is surprising, actually, because red leather boots have been on my shoe wish list for a long time now, and normally I’m all over every pair I find, meticulously checking to see if they might be The Ones.

Well, these ones aren’t The Ones, just to get that out of the way first of all. They’re amazing boots, don’t get me wrong: they’re just not quite right for my closet (the red leather boots of MY dreams will have to be a little more close-fitting, and with a slightly slimmer heel), but I’m sure they’ll be right for someone’s, because just look at that photo! The only problem I can see here, is that purchasing the boots would mean I’d also have to purchase a floaty little dress to wear with them (as shown in the photo), and while I’m definitely not opposed to that idea, it’s all starting to get a little bit expensive. [Buy them here]

Here are some other red leather boots to try…

red leather boots by Jimmy Choo

For a complete change of pace, these Jimmy Choo boots are a much brighter red leather, and are calf length rather than knee high. The gold buttons create a military-inspired feel, and the low heel should be comfortable to walk on.

Finally, leave it to Valentino to come up with a seriously amazing pair of red leather ankle boots:

red leather ankle boots by Valentino

These are in the ‘Rockstud’ style, with a studded strap wrapped around the ankle. Although the colour is bright, these are perhaps the easiest of the three boots shown to style, because they’ll cover less surface area. I think they’ll look great with jeans, but let your imagination run wild!

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  • I can see why you are bypassing these. They look like they have all the right things but theres something not quite right. Very retro looking which i usually love, I’m sure my mum had a pair similar to those in the 70s/80s.

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