Pink High Heel Shoes Forever

pink high heel shoes by Brian Atwood

So, it seems Brian Atwood is a fan of pink high heel shoes – this season, at least. These pink satin peep toe sandals almost jumped out of the page at me as I was scrolling through websites earlier this week: I held my breath as I clicked on the link, hoping against hope that they’d be something I’d have even a chance of affording, but alas not – they’re just the kind of shoes I get to look at, but not touch, unfortunately.

Oh, well: I’m happy to content myself with that for now, because these shoes are pretty amazing to look at, don’t you think? There’s just something about pink high heel shoes that makes them extra special, for some reason, and while these ones in particular present LOTS of reasons (the brooch on the toe, the low vamp, the sexy, d’orsay cut upper, to name but a few), they’re not the only pink high heel shoes this designer has created this season, for your viewing (and hopefully wearing) pleasure.

Here are some more pairs of pink high heel shoes by Brian Atwood…

pink high heel shoes

With a hot (HOT) pink upper, and an ankle-snapping high heel (No literally, I hope, but that’s one helluva angle!), these are true show-stoppers. They might just be people-stoppers, too, because with a 130mm heel, you probably won’t be going anywhere fast in them – unless, of course, this is a perfectly normal heel height for you, and you’re more than used to running around in super-high stilettos!

If those are just a little bit too much for you, however, these pink patent sandals are perhaps a little more wearable:

pink patent sandals

The criss-cross straps and shiny patent upper make these a very fun, girlie choice of shoe for the summer, and one which I think will look wonderful with a floral sundress, say, or even a pair of jeans.


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