How Lena Hoschek broke my heart

shoe love is true love

A few days ago, I was browsing Pinterest (as you do) when I came across a photo of what was clearly the most beautiful pair of shoes in the world. They were the pink gingham bow shoes you can see at the bottom of the image: a little bit of investigation revealed that they were by Lena Hoschek … and that the pink gingham print wasn’t the only one available. Oh hell, no.

There was black. There was baby blue. There was the most amazing sunshine yellow. There was – OMG! – polka dot. They. Were. Amazing. And they were all sold out in my size. Which is Lena Hoschek came to break my heart. Don’t worry, though, all hope is not yet gone: the black and white polka dot version have now been removed from the site altogether, but the others are available in some sizes, and if you keep on checking back, you may just find yours. As I as writing this post, for instance, I looked one more time, and discovered that the yellow version is now back in stock: it’s probably my favourite of the gingham prints (I have two pairs of Topshop shoes from last summer in black and blue gingham print: they’re not nearly as nice as these, but they’re similar enough in style to convince me I don’t need any more in those colours. Yellow, on the other hand, is TOTALLY different…), so I’m now busy doing the “basket dance”, in which I add them to my shopping basket, then quickly close down the site before I can ACTUALLY buy them. This could go on for some time.

For those of you who can more easily justify a new pair of shoes right now, I somehow don’t think you’d regret these: if I owned them, I’d probably put them on my desk, just so I could look at them all day. Now THAT’S a sign of Shoe Kryptonite!


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