Sergio Rossi red suede peep toes with leopard print heels

It’s another meeting of two of my very favourite shoe-things: red suede and leopard print. They’re two very bold coluors/prints, and when you put them together, you end up with a shoe that needs no other accessorising to make it look amazing. That’s why I wish Sergio Rossi had just stopped at the red + leopard, rather than going on to add the metal heel. The shoe was special enough without it, and I actually think it would be even more special if the leopard print extended all the way down the heel, rather than occupying a relatively small space at its base. That said, I do have a bias against metal heels, which I’ve spoken about before, so that’s purely a personal taste thing, and if I was going to go for a metal heel, I could probably be persuaded by these ones.

Could you be persuaded by them? Click here to buy them from Colette.


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