Bow-back sandals by Nicholas Kirkwood

Bow-back sandals by Nicholas Kirkwood

Nicholas Kirkwood definitely knows a good bow when he sees one: as he’s proved time and time again now, by attaching the bows in question to some of my very favourite shoe designs of his. These particular shoes have a bow on the heel, rather than on the toe, which is why I’ve shown you the back view first, but the bow in question is so pretty I think I’d be almost tempted to walk backwards in them, just to show it off. Well, OK, maybe not…

The doubled-up bow is dotted with rhinestones, making these a true “business in front, party in back” shoe. Not that the front is particularly “business” appropriate either, mind you: that single silk strap will create a barely-there effect which, combined with the neutral colour, will allow you to wear these anywhere you like: or anywhere they’re appropriate, that is – I probably wouldn’t recommend wearing them to the gym, say, or on a mountain hike, but hey, they’re your feet!

Also by Nicholas Kirkwood are these black suede boots, with a clear perspex heel:

black suede boots with perspex heels

Again, these look almost like a totally different shoe, depending on whether you’re looking at them from the front or the back. The upper is a very classic black suede boot, in a style we see all the time – in fact, you probably own a pair just like them. The heel, however – well, the heel is a whole different story: pink isn’t a colour we see very often on winter boots, but the perspex helps dilute the effect of the colour, and make a little more subtle. The whole effect is very trendy, but probably not so much as to render them unwearable by those of us with a more classic style: I guess as long as you have plenty of clothes that will work well with that pink heel, you shouldn’t have too many issues with these!

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