Steve Madden ‘Avvery’ wooden-soled clog sandals

It’s very typical of me to only really start getting into a trend once it’s in its death throes, and that seems to be what’s happened with the clog. I could’ve taken or left this style all summer, when you couldn’t go into a shoe store without falling over piles of the things, but now that they’re a little less common, I’m suddenly starting to get interested. Of course, the big advantage of that is that you get to buy the style a little cheaper than you would have when it was the height of fashion: these Steve Madden platforms have been reduced to $71 at Zappos, come in four different colourways, and something about the clunky look of them appeals to me right now. Maybe it’s just the contrast they provide with all of the glittery heels we’re currently surrounded with?

(Click here to buy them)


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