Zara blue and green colourblock sandals

Zara colourblock sandals

My two favourite colours, together in one shoe: how could I possibly resist?

Almost every time I dipped my toe in the colourblocking trend last year, it was with some combination of cobalt and green, so these shoes would fit right in with my wardrobe right now! This is a style Zara has been doing a lot right now, with a high, covered ankle and slim strap across the toe. It’s a very “fashionable” kind of look, which means that it will possibly date quicker than some other styles, but for £29.99, I guess you can’t complain.

These have a faux-suede upper, so they probably won’t be the hardest-wearing shoes you’ll find, either: they’re what I tend to think of as “one-season wonders”, because they’re the kind of thing you might wear to death over the course of the summer, and then never use again. Worth buying, then? It’s your call: you can click here if you answered “yes”.


  • I have tried these on in orange and black and they look AMAZING – very chic. They were very hard to walk in for some reason though, very wobbly, no support.

  • I tried them yesterday at Zara. They were way too big in my usual size (38), tehn I tried 37 and it didn’t look right. And as Anna wrote, they feel diffficult to walk with. So i didn’t buy them in the end (but bought 2 dresses !)

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