Rupert Sanderson gold ‘Seville’ pumps

Rupert Sanderson Seville

Having more-or-less ignored them for the past few months, I’m suddenly finding myself obsessed with metallic shoes again. Gold and silver go so well with all of the pastel shades that are around at the moment, and they’re an excellent alternative to the ubiquitous “nude” because, like it, they’ll work with most other colours.

I’m particularly obsessed with Rupert Sanderson’s gold ‘Seville’ pumps, because as well as being the perfect shade of pale gold, they’re the perfect shape, too, with those curved sides that never fail to get my attention.

Gold shoes are great for dressing up or down, too: I wear mine during the day with jeans and trousers, but they also look fabulous with something a little bit more special for a night out.

These shoes are down to £157: click here to buy them.


  • These are AMAZING. I love the toned down, ‘brushed gold’ shade. I have both gold and silver pumps AND gold and silver sandals, and all pairs get SO much wear.

  • Wow! I love them! That shape is indeed purrrrrfect! Seeing how they are on sale AND still available in my size, I’ll quickly look away, otherwise this might get dangerous!

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