The Madness of Miu Miu’s spring/summer 2017 collection

MIU MIU Glitter pumps
Miu Miu Glitter pumps

I love Miu Miu. Their shoes are often completely crazy, but I love them anyway, because they’re just so different, and so much more imaginative than most other shoes you see – and often absolutely gorgeous, into the bargain – that it’s hard NOT to love them.

Take the pair above, for instance. The gold glitter upper is totally impractical, and the differently coloured/patterned ankle ties are actually making me itchy (I don’t know about you, but I’d HAVE to change one of  those to make them match before I could even think about wearing them!), but even so, there’s something about them that made me stop in my tracks as I was scrolling through the My Theresa shoe section, and there’s always something to be said about a pair of shoes that has the power to do that, isn’t there?

Having said that, it’s not always a positive thing. These shoes, for instance, also stopped me in my tracks, but not because I love them:

Miu Miu slipper shoes

Shoes like these always fascinate me: I’d love to know what kind of person would willingly spend £700 on them, because it’s just not something I can imagine doing at all. Then again, I can’t really imagine spending ANY money on these, or having even the slightest clue how to wear them, so, again, if you would, then more power to you!

Then there’s these:

pink miu miu court shoes
NOW we’re talking. I can definitely imagine wearing these, and although I’d like them a whole lot better without the flared detail on the end of the heel (I know I say this all the time, but I really wish designers would stop trying to mess with stiletto heels, and just leave them as they are!), the pretty, soft pink upper, and the collection of pearls and rhinestones on the toe, are more than enough to make up for it!

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