New shoes! Pink satin Dune platforms

It occurred to me yesterday that I’d totally forgotten to show you all the new shoes I bought just before Christmas, so here they are!

And yes, I KNOW. They’re bright pink. (Although not nearly as shiny as they look in these photos: the lack of daylight here in the winter meant they were impossible to photograph without a flash, and the flash adds a lot of shine.) They’re satin. They have a gigantic platform. They’re not exactly the most versatile shoes in the Shoeper closet. But they were on sale for £25 (They’re made by Dune, but I found them in TK Maxx, which has been a source of many a pair of shoes for me. If you’re in the US, you know it better as TJ Maxx.) and somehow I just couldn’t leave them behind.

“You know,” said Shoeperman, when he met me at the tills, “I walked past those shoes, looked at them and thought, ‘Amber’s going to want those.'” And it looks like he was right. Sometimes there’s just a giant, pink-satin platform shaped hole in your closet, isn’t there? Not any more, readers. Not any more…

[Dress,; tights, Asda; belt, absolutely no idea!]


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