WORK / PLAY / WEEKEND: 3 Monochrome Looks to Take You Almost Anywhere

Head to-toe-black has always been one of those looks I envy on other people, but just can’t pull off myself, thanks to my vampire skin, which looks even paler than usual against an all-black ensemble. I learned this lesson the hard way, and after years and years of persisting in buying little black dresses and other items, seduced by the idea that black goes with everything, suits everyone, and is such a timeless classic that you can never go wrong with it.

Of course, none of those statements are actually true. Black doesn’t go with everything, it doesn’t suit everyone, and you most definitely can go wrong with it – as I know, to my cost. Despite this, however, it remains one of the most popular clothing colours, and is frequently touted as the ultimate “basic”. And while I don’t think black will ever go out of fashion, exactly, right now it seems to be particularly popular, either on its own, or paired with white. The looks below may not work for everyone, but they’re an easy way to start building a wardrobe – especially if you’re still trying to find your style, or looking to make a change. Oh, and if the colours don’t quite work for you, these looks are so simple it should be easy enough to find a substitute!

// WORK:

head to toe black

River Island culottes

Having ignored the trend for a long time now, the rainy – but still warm – summer has suddenly hot me interested in culottes. They’re a little more casual than a tailored skirt would be (not to mention more practical), but they’ll keep you cooler than a pair of long trousers. Paired with a black chiffon blouse, these ones look effortlessly sophisticated – perfect for a day in the office!

// PLAY:

black asymmetric dress

Reiss Asymmetric Off-Shoulder Dress

Because it doesn’t get much easier than the little black dress, does it?


black biker jacket and cropped trousers

River Island cropped trousers

My favourite of the three – in fact, as soon as I laid eyes on this, I wanted to run to my wardrobe and pull out everything I’d need to recreate it! This is such a simple look, but the effect is anything but boring. Head-to-toe black can be such as hard look to pull off, but the key is to use a variety of different shapes and textures, to give the look some interest. Here we have a mix of leather, patent, and wool, with the cropped length of the trousers helping to make the outfit feel more contemporary, and less “Sandy from Grease”. Love it.

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