Shoeper Shoesday: All About the Ankle Boot

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I have only two items on my autumn/winter wish list for this year:

01. A new coat. (ShoeperMan is going to FREAK if he reads this, because he just spent a good ten minutes last week telling me that he doesn’t understand why one woman can need SO many coats. And, I mean, yeah, sure, it’s true that I have a lot of coats. I do NEED them all, though: and now I need another one, because… that’s probably another post for another day, actually. Well, this IS supposed to be Shoeper Shoesday, after all…)

02. A pair of ankle boots

Actually, let’s make that TWO pairs of ankle boots: I need a black pair and a tan pair. I actually don’t mind if they’re both exactly the same style, just so long as they come in those two colours. Shouldn’t be TOO hard to find, right?

Last week, you see, I had a bit of a clearout of my boot closet. (Yes, there’s a boot closet. It’s actually the same closet as the coat closet, but the coats are obviously on a rail, while the boots are on the floor. Houston, I think we have a problem…) It’s still ongoing, actually, but boots tend to be one of those things that I hold onto long past their sell-by date, so it was badly needed. I think the issue is that boots tend to be quite expensive, so once I’ve bought a pair, I don’t really want to get rid of them: so I just keep on wearing them, year after year, without giving a whole lot of thought as to whether I still like them or not.

As it happened, quite a few of the pairs I  had stashed in that closet had started to look quite dated to me: I’ve found over the last couple of years that I’ve been moving away from my usual knee-high/OTK styles (not that those styles are dated, I hasten to add: I’d just gotten a bit tired of some of the specific boots I had), and leaning towards ankle and shoe boots instead. I just find a lower boot much more comfortable to wear, somehow: one of the things I really dislike about winter dressing is how “bundled up” I always feel (Yes, I know most people love to “bundle up”, but I’m not one of them!) when I have to put on lots of layers, and I also hate the way knee boots will keep catching on the hem of my skirts and dresses. Ankle boots, on the other hand, just feel like an easier option to me right now, hence the need to invest in a couple of new pairs for the coming season!

What’s on your autumn shopping list?


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  • The only thing that comes to my mind right now is a new coat, fitted at the waist and a bit ‘bell-shaped’ at the bottom, so that I can fit my circle skirts under it/feel like a princess while I’m wearing jeans and a twirly coat… But so far fashion has failed me, by promptly making dozens of egg-shaped, oversized coats that totally mortify my figure… It’s been almost five years since oversize took over and I’ve yet to find a fitted coat… I know, I could order online, but a coat is a spendy item and I want to be sure I love it to pieces before buying something I don’t even know I will be able to return!
    Coat aside, I think for the first time in year I’m all set for autumn… I have trousers, shoes, sweaters… And I can’t wait for the cooler weather! Not that I despise summer, but here in Italy it’s so humid sometimes it feels like 5 degrees higher than the actual temperature, which is already high (32-33-34 degrees, from June to September)…

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