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This week’s Wishlist is a little shorter than usual: not only have my recent outerwear purchases filled most of the gaps in my autumn/winter wardrobe, the gorgeous late summer weather we’ve been having this week (Seriously, I’ve just been out to walk the dog, and it was actually warmer out than it was for most of August!) makes the autumn offerings in stores seem particularly uninspiring!

Not ALL of them, though: because I don’t actually NEED anything right now, that leaves me free to fill my Wish List (if not my closet, sadly: still a long time until pay day!) with things I WANT, instead. And, as it turns out, most of the things I want this week come from the wonderful Aspire Style, starting off with this amazing dress...

tartan retro-inspired dress

Jolie Moi dress, £55

These colours aren’t ones I’d typically think of putting together, but I think they work wonderfully well, and even if they didn’t, the neckline of this dress would probably be enough to persuade me all by itself. I can’t wear sleeveless dresses without a cardigan in autumn/winter (and not too often in summer, either, actually…), so I’d pair the dress with this cardigan:

mustard cardigan

Yumi cardigan, £45

I love this mustard shade for autumn, and currently don’t have any of it in my wardrobe: might have to fix that! The cardigan could also work with this dress:

Jolie Moi fitted bird print dress

Jolie Moi dress, £45

A gorgeous dress, with a lovely fitted shape and a pretty print: perfect!

Finally, I absolutely love this little top from Fever London:

tie neck top

Tie-neck top, £39.99

This is available in a few colours, of which this duck-egg blue is my favourite (although I wouldn’t say no to any of the others, either…). Perfect with skinny crops, pencil skirts, full skirts, jeans… just perfect, in other words. How many days until pay day, I wonder?


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