ASOS ‘Hot Spell’ heeled sandals

ASOS Hot Spell heeled sandals

ASOS ‘Hot Spell’ heeled sandals, £45

One day, I’m going to stop obsessing over the ASOS shoe section, and I’m going to stop finding a new pair of shoes there that I want to feature, too. One day, I said. That day isn’t going to be today, obviously, because OMG, lookit what I found at ASOS! How cute are these? Let’s not even THINK about how long my ASOS wish list is right now… or about the fact that if I DID actually go ahead and buy all the shoes that are on it, I’d probably find that I could have bought a pair of Louboutins or similar for the same price.

Ah, but would those Louboutins have a fluffy feather on the t-strap, or a glittery pink upper, though? Well, quite possibly, actually. And they’d probably be WAY better than these ‘Hot Spell’ sandals, too. They definitely wouldn’t be £45, however, and that’s always a consideration. Anyway, from their presence here, you can probably tell that I’m now fully on board with the whole “feathers on shoes” thing – a look I previously always found a bit creepy, but now find quite glamorous, in a fun, quirky kinda way. That’s not to say I wouldn’t like these shoes without the added embellishment, however: the t-bar sandal hiding underneath is pretty in its own right, and the pink glitter upper makes it even more so.

Is there some kind of 12-step programme to help people quit ASOS, I wonder? And if so, where do I sign up? Because for what’s supposed to be a fairly reasonably-priced retailer, I sure seem to end up spending a whole lot of money there. These shoes, however, are safe for now – but only because I can’t think of a single excuse to actually wear them…

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