Kate Spade New York ‘Layla’ bow pumps

Kate Spade New York 'Layla' bow pumps


Kate Spade New York ‘Layla’ bow pumps, $328

These shoes are called ‘Layla’: can I assume everyone now has the Eric Clapton song of the same name running through their head on a loop now? OR – terrible thought – can I just assume you’re all too young (and/or didn’t grow up with dad’s who were Clapton fans) to even know what I’m talking about right now? Actually, what AM I talking about? I mean, I know I’m SUPPOSED to be talking about shoes, but somehow I seem to have drifted onto the subject of Eric Clapton, and… let’s just start this again, shall we?

These shoes are called ‘Layla’, and they’re by Kate Spade – a fact that I hardly even need to point out, because even if the brand name wasn’t in the title of the post AND the caption of the image, this shoe is so characteristic of a Kate Spade design that I’m sure you’d have been able to spot it at 100 paces. The basic shape is the same as the ‘Licorice’ pumps which Kate Spade tends to release some variation of every season (The polka dot version will forever be one of the “ones that got away” for me…); the curved sides and long, pointed toe is pretty much identical, with the main difference being the red satin upper, and the large, flat bow decorating the toe.

I don’t have much else to say about these – other than the fact that they’re drop-dead-gorgeous, there’s not much I CAN say without repeating myself on the subject of red shoes, bows, and Kate Spade in general. If you’re looking for something to store them in, though, Kate Spade also do this cute little travel shoe bag, which might just sneak into your shopping basket when you’re buying them. Well, it would be a shame to let them get dusty, right?

Kate Spade shoe bag


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