KG by Kurt Geiger ‘Imogene’ glitter platform sandals

We’re used to Kurt Geiger bringing us beautiful shoes and sophisticated shoes, so now it’s time for them to bring us a pair of totally extravagant shoes, and these Imogene sandals are just that. With glitter, bows (three of ’em) and crystals, they’ve gone all-out to make these as sparkly and as girlie as it gets, and I think they’ve succeeded.

Is it all too much? Well, possibly. But with a plain enough dress, these could just be perfect, too. They’re £160 at Kurt Geiger website – click here to buy them.


  • Other than the bows being made of burlap or canvas (hard to tell), they’d be gorgeous. The fabric on the bows kills it for me though. I think it’d be better with satin bows or some other pretty fabric.

  • i fell in love with these when i saw them on the KG site and then again when you featured them on your blog…..and now….I OWN THEM….YIPEEEE…. they are even more beautiful on my feet. i had them shipped to my husband’s london hotel and then he came back to Bangalore, India just last night with my ‘precious cargo’…traaalalalalala

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