Office Touche Kouche blue glitter pom-pom shoes

These shoes are here pretty much just for the laughs. I mean, lookit! They’re like clown shoes for high-heel lovers! They do make me smile, though, even although I can’t imagine a single situation in which I’d want to wear them, costume parties aside.

Look, they come in white, too:

They’re slightly less gigglesome in this colour, so if you want  to buy them, why all you have to do is click here and be ready to hand over £88.

Would you wear them?


  • I could’ve fallen in love with them if they had narrower heels. They’re a bit too chunky for my taste. Because everybody knows I love a good discobal shoe. (I really do, I own a pair of them) Would prefer the white version though. The blue/pink ones are a bit much, even for me.

  • I adore an embellished shoe, and have a really hard time finding one I would wear. Personally, I don’t go in for bows, flowers, or hearts (I know, blasphemy on this site). I love these, but only in the black and white version.

  • I actually love these. I would wear them out to town on the weekend with a plain black dress and maybe some deep purple eye shadow 🙂

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