Hollywould ‘Patty’ red bow peep toes

red bow peep toes red bow peep toes

Hollywould ‘Patty’ pumps, $247.49

I don’t think I’ve ever met a pair of red peep toes I didn’t like. Well, not often, anyway. I’m sure there must be SOME of them out there, but today isn’t the day I’m going to find them, because Hollywould’s ‘Patty’ pumps are everything a Shoeperhero could ask for.

It goes almost without saying that I like the colour and shape of these shoes, but it’s the slightly old-fashioned glamour of them that really does it for me. This brand is called ‘Hollywould’, and these do have something of an “old Hollywood’ feel to them, which is rather charming. As for the toe embellishment, well, every shoe lover knows there are a million and one different ways (or thereabouts) to tie a bow on the toe of a shoe, and the type of bow you go for can change the entire look. This one is flat and wide, and the shape adds to the retro feel, as does the stitching on the uppers.

Sadly for me, it’s a little late in the year for peep toes here, but these would be wonderful next summer: I’m thinking sunny day, picnic basket, pretty dress… you get the picture, I’m sure.

Want to get the shoes? You’ll find them at Heels.com, where they’re currently reduced to $247.49.

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