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Caparros ‘Jinelle‘, £67

OK, I can ignore it no longer: we’re almost halfway through November; my inbox is full of Christmas-themed press releases, and my Facebook feed is full of chatter about Christmas shopping (I go into a cold sweat any time that particular subject comes up…), and even I’ve found myself browsing Christmas trees online. Yes, the party season is almost upon us, and they do say if you can’t beat ’em, you may as well join ’em, which is why today’s posts have a “party appropriate” theme.

Of course, I say “party appropriate”: that’s a very subject term, and will depend very much on the type of party you’re attending. In terms of the “traditional”, dressed-up Christmas party, though, you couldn’t really go wrong with a pair of these ‘Jinelle’ sligbacks by Caparros, which have a very festive feel, especially in the red colourway. The jewelled bow, satin uppers and slingback heel provide all of the ingredients of the quintessential evening shoe, and although these will never win any awards for being “edgy” or “unexpected”, they ARE the type of thing you’ll you’ll probably still be pulling out years from now, and throwing on with a little black dress for an instant party look.

These are £67 at Macy’s , and what may or may not be obvious from the photos is that the fabric has a bit of a shimmer to it, just to increase the “glam” factor!

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