Party Shoes | ABS by Allen Schwartz Sabrena Bling Bow Pumps

ABS by Allen Schwartz Sabrena Bling Bow Pumps

ABS by Allen Schwartz Sabrena Bling Bow Pumps

ABS by Allen Schwartz ‘Sabrena’, £113

Like the first pair of shoes I showed you today, these ABS by Allen Schwartz pumps have satin uppers and a big ol’ bow. They’re also available in red, and I have to say, if you’re a fan of red shoes, now is a great time to buy them, because so many brands like to include the colour, no doubt deeming it to be as festive as it gets.

Despite the similarities, however, these are very different shoes. Not only do they have a closed toe and heel, rather than open ones, that bow practically deserves a post all on its own. It’s big, glitzy and super-glamorous, and it sits at the side of the heel, where it will no doubt catch the eye of anyone who walks past – particularly if any of those diamanté embellishments happen to catch the light.

These are the type of evening shoes that won’t really have much use outside of a special event: they’re not exactly the kind of shoes you’ll be able to dress down very easily, although you’re obviously welcome to give it a try if you really want to!  For that reason, they’re the kind of shoes that can be hard to justify the purchase of (or to “save” if you’re taking part in the Shoeper Shoe Challenge); however, if ever there was a time of year when shoes with giant diamanté bows start to seem like exactly the kind of thing you might need in your shoe closet, the Christmas party season would be it. There has to be be SOME excuse to get our your fanciest footwear in the next few weeks, right?

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  • I can’t tell for sure but the toe looks a little square to me, which is the only thing that puts me off slightly, as I love everything else about them!

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