Chloe bow-embellished suede pumps

chloe-bow-embellished-sandaHmm. I know you’re all probably expecting me to be drooling on my keyboard right now, purely because these shoes have bows, OMG, bows! on them, but actually… no. I’m not loving the current “as many bows as you can fit on the straps” movement in shoe design. Not at all. And OK, there are only three bows on these Chloe sandals, but they still look a little bit fussy to me, and the high leg bothers me, too.

Of course, all of this is academic as far as I’m concerned, because these are an astronomical £900. If that’s just pin money to you, though, you can buy them at Net-a-Porter.

Chloe bow-embellished sandals, £900


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