Versace patent leather platform pumps

versave-platform-pumpsYes, yes, I know what I was just saying about huge platforms . And I also know that these are “just” plain black pumps. I happen to think they’re rather nice ones, though, and I’d also like to congratulate Versace for going with a blue sole rather than a red one.

(Aside: don’t you think that coloured soles, no matter what the colour, really add something to a shoe? It’s such a simple touch, but it instantly makes the shoe look more expensive, and if a designer sticks to the same colour it’s also an easy way to get your brand across without having to resort to sticking tacky logos everywhere. Yes, Gucci and Louis Vuitton, I AM looking at you…)

(Another aside: I’ve just realised that I actually HAVE a pair of black Versace pumps which… wait for it… have a tiny little logo on the front, on a metal bar. So I fail.)

(No more asides now. I’ll stop that.)

With all of that said, at $738, these are a lot more than I’d personally pay for them, but if you’re happy with the price, you can buy them at Neiman Marcus.


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