Eeek! Iron Fist Killer Cupcakes bow shoes


Oh my. I’m sure some people will absolutely adore these shoes (in fact, I KNOW some people do, because Office are already down to the “last remaining pairs”. Unless, of course, they only ever ordered in a couple of pairs of these. Hmmm.) but my jaw actually dropped when I looked at them, and I say this as someone who generally likes bows. The overly cutesy pink-bow-and-cartoon-cupcake mix has a “designed by a child” look about it for me, though – in fact, it looks a bit like what might happen if you left your shoes alone with your kid and a box of sharpies.

I feel I should say something nice about these now that I’ve been so Not Nice about them. Anyone care to help me out with that?

Iron Fist Killer Cupcakes bow shoes, Β£50 at Office


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