Zara gold glitter mid heel shoes

Zara gold glitter mid heel shoes

Zara gold glitter mid heel shoes, £39.99

Zara describe these shoes as “glitter high heels”, but I think we can debunk that one right away, can’t we? This is a mid-heeled pump, and that means it’s the kind of shoe I’d normally just scroll right past (I like high heels and flats, and not much in between), if it hadn’t been for that glorious gold upper. And the cute little button on the ankle strap – which is ALSO something I’d usually hate, especially on a heel this height (my legs look short enough, without the help of an ankle strap, thanks very much!), but which actually works really well on this shoe, and adds, rather than detracts from, the overall design.

It helps that the shape of these shoes is really quite delicate, so when you look at them on the model, they don’t have that chunky feel that mid-height heels can often have. I’d struggle to make them work with my current wardrobe, but I do like them, and think they could be an awesome party shoe for those who don’t want to go for any of the usual strappy sandals. Here’s another thing I’m loving right now from Zara: and this one I definitely WOULD wear!

zara faux fur coat

I’m still really into faux fur coats, and have tried on quite a few of them over the past couple of weeks, in a bid to find The One. I did have my heart set on a pale coloured coat, but now that I’ve seen this one from Zara, I’m starting to think that black could be a lot more practical. The main reason I like this coat is the short fur: it’s a bit more subtle than some of the shaggier styles that are around at the moment, and it also looks like it would be nice and warm. Coats like this appeal to me because they have so much glamour, and never go out of style: I’d be able to wear this for years to come – which is one easy way to justify the cost!

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