Charles Jourdan ‘Olympe 2’ white bow peep toes

white bow peep toes

Charles Jourdan ‘Olympe 2’ white peep toes, £322

If I was going to buy a pair of white stilettos – and I’m probably not – these would definitely be the ones I’d buy. Or they’d be the ones I’d WANT to buy, anyway. At £322, they’re just a little out of my current budget, so the idea of owning them is no more realistic than the idea of wearing them is, but still: aren’t they adorable?

I mostly love these for the little polka dot bow on the toe, which is pretty much perfect, from the shape to the print. It adds a playful touch to what would otherwise be a plain pair of white heels, and you can never go too far wrong with black and white polka dots, now can you?

So, what’s holding me back from wanting to wear these? It’s all about the colour. Don’t get me wrong: I love to look at them, and I also had a lot of fun putting together an imaginary outfit to wear with them. but in real life, I think they could be slightly tricky to style: that bright white upper will draw the eye straight to your feet, and, for me, such a bright colour can have the effect of making my feet look disproportionately large. I’m willing to accept that might just be me, though.

If I WAS going to wear these, however, I’d probably wear them with something like this:

what to wear with white stilettos

What to wear with white stilettos:

cardigan // trousers // bag  // sunglasses 

Of course, some would argue that pairing polka dot shoes with a polka dot cardigan is just too much. My response to that would be that you can never have too many polka dots, and I also think the white on the top half of this outfit helps balance out the white on the bottom, with the polka print on the shoe being over a small enough area for it not to look TOO matchy-matchy.

How would you style these shoes?



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