Shoeper Roundup: New Look shoes January 2012

selection of New Look shoes

New Look, as I’m sure most of my regular readers have realised by now, is one of my guilty pleasures: the knowledge that I can pop in and buy a pair of shoes for £30 or less is often just too much temptation for me, and is also why I’ve been avoiding the store like the plague in the final few weeks of the Shoe Challenge.

Today, though, I took a look at the website, and have already added quite a few pairs to my “When the Shoe Challenge is over” list. My three favourites are at the top of the page: unbelievably, the green satin shoes are down to just £7 – SEVEN. POUNDS. – in the sale, so there’s virtually no chance of them still being around by the time I can buy them ( and I’m always a bit wary of cheap satin which can look, well, cheap), but if you fancy them, you’re probably not going to find a cheaper pair of shoes anywhere.

The other piece of good New Look news is that they started stocking a wider range of other shoe brands at the end of 2011. I’ve included some Kandee shoes in the selection below, but you can also buy brands like Dune, Iron Fist and others, so even if you don’t love New Look itself, it’s still worth a look. You’ll find all of the shoes pictured at the New Look website: which are your favourites?


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