KG Harry Mega Wedge Colourblock Sandals

KG Harry Mega Wedge Colourblock Sandals

Shoes like these fascinate me: not because I want to wear then, but because I always wonder who DOES. Don’t get me wrong – I think they’re wonderful to look at, and I actually really love the colours they’ve used on the sole (although I do worry about that white platform – it’s a large area to attract dirt!), but although I seem to see styles like this popping up all the time in stores, I never see anyone actually WEARING them outside of magazine shoots and the odd red carpet moment.

Who wears shoes like this? Do you? Would you LIKE it to be you? Well, in that case you can click here to buy these from ASOS: they’re £170.

I’m curious, though: how would you wear them?


  • I would wear them ALL THE TIME. I just saw them on asos and really want to get them! (I must say they fit in my average shoe collection)
    below I added a picture of one of my favorite’s

    • would wear them with a coral skirt and (off)white silk top, or a long black dress, perhaps just denim levi shorts and simple top?

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