Menbur ‘Bornelh’ pink and gold glitter bow sandals

pink and gold glitter bow sandals

Menbur pink and gold bow sandals

Menbur ‘Bornelh’ pink and gold glitter bow sandals, £63.90

If, like me, your heart leapt at the sight of these sandals, let me give you the bad news first: they’re already sold out in quite a few sizes – including mine. Boo!

There IS, however, some good news, too. For one thing, there are still SOME sizes left. And for another, there’s also an “email me when my size is in stock” option available, which suggests to me that more stock could be coming soon, and that if I just patiently keep refreshing the Sarenza website (Or just sign up for  the stock alert), my luck might finally be in.

It would definitely be a lucky woman who got to wear these shoes, wouldn’t it? I’ve talked a lot about my love of gold and pink together, and this combination of gold glitter and pink satin is TO. DIE. FOR. The bow on the front is amazing, the shape has that vintage feel I love so much, the heel is as sparkly as a glitter ball, and… I’m gushing now, aren’t I? I’ll stop, but not before I’ve pointed out that £63.90 is much less than I’d have expected these to cost, so that’s yet another point in their favour.

What to wear with these shoes?

Pale pink and glittery gold will go with most colours, but because I’m obsessed with mint…

what to wear with pink and gold shoes

What to wear with pink and gold shoes:

dress // clutch  // bracelet // earrings // eye-shadow // ring

Now, this dress IS as expensive as it looks, at £295, but the colour is so pretty, and the shape so nice that I had to include it. Mint and gold is every bit as appealing to me as pink and gold is, and I think these three colours work really well together: now I just have to keep my fingers and toes crossed that the shoes come back into stock!


  • First I was like YESSSS they have my size (my bank account be damned) but then I was searching for shipping costs and realized they only ship to the United Kingdom mainland. It is SUCH a shame that Sarenza don’t do international orders:(( They are very pretty with the soft pink and the textured gold. Maybe one day Sarenza will expand their delivery? I hope so!

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