Pick of the Day: Oasis Tipped Bow Tank Top

Oasis Tipped Bow Tank Top

Oasis Tipped Bow Tank Top

I never thought I’d see the day when I’d be classing a TANK TOP, of all things, as one of my Most Wanted items of the day: I mean, tanks are generally pretty basic and boring, aren’t they?

Not this one, though. This one is by Oasis, and the black and cream colour mix instantly makes it stand out, while the tipped bow at the neckline makes it anything but ordinary. I’m loving the slightly retro feel of this top: I can imagine one of the Mad Men secretaries, for instance, wearing it with a pencil skirt and a beehive, although it’ll be easy enough to make it look a little more contemporary too, given the sleek lines and easy-to-wear colours.

I was drawn to this top, not just because of its looks, however, but because of my resolution to pick up a few pieces like it, to wear with all of those jeans and skirts I’ve been collecting lately. There’s just one problem: the sleeveless shape, combined with the knitted fabric, would make this a hard one for me to wear – the fabric would make it feel too thick for hot weather, but that’s the only time I can ever stand to bare my arms, so this is one of those items (and there are many of them), which would only be wearable for me if I were to throw a cardigan on over the top of it.

Oh well: I guess that’s as good an excuse (not that I really need one, mind you… ) as any to stock up on some of my favourite Hell Bunny cardigans: and, as an added incentive, this top will work with pretty much ALL of them, thanks to the versatile colours!

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