ASOS start a loyalty scheme, shopaholics everywhere rejoice…

I love ASOS: it’s both my biggest time-waster, and the source of a large part of my wardrobe. In fact, some months I wonder why I don’t just arrange to have my salary paid directly to them, rather than coming to me – it would be far easier to just cut out the middlewoman, right?

Because barely a month goes by without one of those familiar grey shipping bags arriving on my doorstep, I’m already a member of Amazon Premier, which gives you free next-day delivery for a year (this will basically pay for itself within a couple of months if you’re a frequent ASOS shopper…), and this month I was thrilled to find out that they’ve just started a new loyalty scheme, known as ASOS A-List.


ASOS A-list loyalty scheme

(I say “just started”: as you can see from the screenshot above, I already seem to have reached level 3 in this scheme, and I only found out about it last week, so it’s possible it’s been running for a while, without me realising…)

Anyway, the screen shot is pretty self-explanatory, but the jist is that you earn loyalty points for every pound you spend on the ASOS website, and these points can then be cashed in against your next purchase. You earn £5 for every 500 points you clock up, and you get five points for every pound you spend on the site, so it’s not like you’re going to be making huge savings with this (Or not unless you spend even more than I do at ASOS!), but still: every little helps, doesn’t it? This is similar in idea to something like the Boots Advantage Card Scheme, which has been running for years now (And which earns me a free Lancome mascara every few months), so if you’ve used that, or something like it, the concept will be pretty familiar to you. You’ll be automatically enrolled in the A-List scheme with your next order (or you might already BE enrolled, without having realised it, as I was!), so now all you have to do is get spending: such a hardship, huh?

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