Shoe Sale Alert: Gucci ‘Dephine’ green and gold high heel sandals

Gucci 'Dephine' green and gold high heel sandals

Gucci ‘Dephine’ green and gold high heel sandals, £292.50

We used to have a Cruise outlet store in our town. I both loved and feared it. I loved it because the shoe section of that store may have been small, but it was always crammed with the most wonderful footwear – and it was also the only place for miles around where it was possible to find designer shoes, as opposed to the usual high street suspects. I feared it for mostly the same reasons: even on sale, those shoes were pretty expensive, but they were often at that lethal price-point, where they enough of a bargain that you (and by “you” I mean “I”) could afford them IF you didn’t buy anything else that month, but still expensive enough that you knew you really shouldn’t.

Last year, to my great disappointment, that store closed down, and all of the beautiful shoes left town. For some reason, though, the brand came into my head as I was getting dressed this morning, and I made a mental note to check out the sale section of their website. I did, and sure enough, it’s just as I remembered it: almost instantly my eyeballs snagged on these gorgeous, emerald green Gucci sandals, which have a  fabulous gold heel and sole. The combination of green and gold is a particular weakness of mine, and it’s also very festive, I think. (Don’t worry, though, you’ll only look like one of Santa’s little helpers if you choose to wear red with them…) These are down to £292 in the sale, and sizes are limited, but if you wear a 3, 4, 4.5 or 6, you could be in luck.

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