ASOS ‘Envision’ Pointed Sock Boots

ASOS 'Envision' Pointed Sock Boots

ASOS ‘Envision’ Pointed Sock Boots, £45

The words “sock boots” would normally be guaranteed to have me clutching at my pearls and running for the hills, imagining one of that particular breed of boot that’s designed to look like a sock. My dislike of that style is no big secret, but luckily for me, although these boots are described as “sock boots”, they look nothing like ACTUAL socks, so I can breathe a sigh of relief and actually imagine wearing them.

I CAN imagine wearing these, too. The “sock” part of the name, you see, is a reference to the thin, elasticated ankle: it might not sound like something that would work well on an ankle boot, but if, like me, you’re sick of trying on boots which make you look like you’re wearing someone else’s shoes (I ordered a pair last week, which were so wide at the ankle I could probably have got both my legs in one boot – not a great look. ‘What happens if it rains?’ asked ShoeperMan. ‘Wouldn’t they fill up with water?’), these could just be a Godsend, because they’ll hug the ankle and leave your legs looking sleek.

These also, of course, have an all-over glitter effect, which is JUST subtle enough to wear during the day (depending on circumstances, obviously), but also glitzy enough for evening wear, too. I love boots like this, which are so much more interesting than a matte black say, and I also really like the pointed toe and high heel, which combine for a very elegant, streamlined kind of look.

My one reservation with shoes like this is the possibility of the ankles falling down when you walk, which I guess could be annoying. That’s one of the those things you’d have to wear them to find out, though, so if you do, don’t forget to tell me how you get on!

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