Oasis ‘Lily’ tie front court shoes

Oasis 'Lily' tie front court shoes

Oasis ‘Lily’ tie front court shoes, £40

I’m just going to be honest with you: as nice as these shoes are (And they really ARE nice, aren’t they? That metallic upper works so well with the tie-front upper: I’d personally replace the shoelace with a ribbon, because it looks a little bit too utilitarian for such a pretty shoe, but still : great shoes, with a lower-than-average heel, which will appease all the heel-haters out there), I’m really just showing you them to give myself an excuse to show you some of the clothes from the autumn/winter collection, which are just beyond awesome. For instance:

sequin pencil skirt

I love this sequin pencil skirt. I actually bought a sequinned skirt a couple of years ago, and remember worrying that I wouldn’t get  much use out of it (I mean, there’s not much call for sequins in a small Scottish village, unfortunately…), but as it turned out, I really loved that skirt, and got tons of compliments on it, so I’ve been on the lookout for a pencil skirt version ever since. This one is very glam, but would actually look fantastic with a simple black sweater and boots, so it could be more versatile than you think.

camel bodycon dress

My most-wanted item from the collection, though, is this camel ribbed dress: camel is one of my favourite colours for autumn/winter, and I think this dress would look amazing with tan boots or accessories. Or maybe with this coat:

faux fur coat

I have a real weakness for faux-fur coats, and not only would this one be perfect with the dress above, it’s also a really versatile shade, which will work well with most other colours, too. I also love the look of camel and black, which is another staple at this time of year, but I’m mostly imagining it with my various forest green dresses and skirts: perfect!

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