Charlotte Olympia ‘Love Vamp’ high heeled pumps

Capture Charlotte Olympia 'Love Vamp' high heeled pumps

Charlotte Olympia ‘Love Vamp’ high heeled pumps, £525

I’ve shown you Charlotte Olympia’s ‘Love Vamp’ pumps before, but this is a different colour-way, so that totally justifies a second look, right? I loved these in the black upper I featured previously, but while I still like this nude version, I’m a little less taken with it – at first glance, the bright red toe looked a little off to be somehow, and it was only when I saw the shoe from the side, and realised these were the ‘Love Vamp’ pumps that it started to make sense. Still,  a heart shoe is a heart shoe, and I wouldn’t be ShoeperWoman if I didn’t show you these, so consider it done.

Here are some more shoes from the Charlotte Olympia Fall 2015 collection:

Charlotte Olympia pink platform pumps

Charlotte Olympia Objets D’art pumps

These pink satin platforms are also available in black, with both pairs having the same tapered gold heel and caged platform. They’re very costumey, and totally over-the-top, of course, but this IS Charlotte Olympia, so I think that’s only to be expected, don’t you? This isn’t the kind of designer you turn to for subtle shoes, or classic design: these are shoes for people who view their footwear as mini works of art, rather than just as the finishing touch to an outfit.

Charlotte Olympia Dolly pumps

Charlotte Olympia ‘Dolly’ pumps

‘Dolly’. meanwhile, will be a familiar sight to Charlotte Olympia fans – it’s a signature shape for the brand, and this year it’s been released with this distinctive marbled upper. I’m so used to seeing marble counter tops featuring on Instagram and blog posts that I can’t help but feel these might go down with the bloggers out there: and if you like the print, there’s also a clutch bag, and two other pairs of marble-topped shoes to choose from!

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  • The marble print on Charlotte Olympia Dolly Pumps is stunning, but the platform appliques look like they are after thoughts and don’t really accent the contoured flow of the pumps.

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