Miu Miu glitter sole suede sandals

Miu Miu glitter sole sandals

Miu Miu glitter sole suede sandals, £445

 We’ve reached the stage now where it’s virtually impossible for me to type the words “Miu Miu” without also typing the word “glitter”. It’s an automatic reaction. Luckily, it’s not proving to be too much of an issue so far, because almost all of the Miu Miu shoes I’ve been featuring lately DO have a healthy dose of glitter. In this case, the brand is up to its old trick of using the glitter as an accent on the sole, rather than on the upper. This has allowed them to use a much brighter colour than might otherwise have been the case: that particular shade of purple would probably have been way too much as the main colour, but paired with the magenta suede upper, it’s just enough.

These have a distinctly 70s vibe for me, thanks to the combination of the chunky platform shape and the bright purple glitter. Ready for some Saturday Night Fever, perhaps?

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