Topshop ‘Gilt’ multi-bow block heels

Topshop multi-bow boots Topshop multi-bow shoes

Topshop ‘Gilt’, £55

Sticking with the subject of Topshop (who, as you know, I have big love for right now), I may not want to wear the shoes from the Meadham Kirchhoff collection I featured earlier, but I CAN imagine wearing these ‘Gilt’ boots, even although these aren’t, strictly speaking, my usual style either.

I’m not referring to the bows when I say that, obviously. The bows are very much my style, and so is the pink/black colour combination, which is soft and classic. It’s the block heel and boot-like shape that makes these a little difficult for me. Strictly speaking, they’re not actually “boots”, but they cover almost as much of the foot as an ankle boot would, and that simple technique gives them a rather more “fashion-forward” feel than would’ve been the case if the same elements had been applied to a court shoe, say.

How to save Topshop ‘Gilt’ boots?

Luckily for me, full skirts are super-fashionable right now, which means I get an easy opportunity to wear exactly what I wear anyway, and consider myself “trendy”. (I’m just kidding: I couldn’t be trendy if I tried!) with these shoes, I allowed myself to get carried away with the bow motif (Well, if you already have SIX bows on a shoe, you might as well throw in a few more, right?) as well as the pink and black colour scheme, which I think will always make these shoes easy enough to style, regardless of your personal taste. I also gave free reign to my childhood dreams of being a ballet dancer with this one: here’s what I came up with…

what to wear with Topshop 'Gilt; boots

What  to Wear With Topshop ‘Gilt’ bow boots:

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