Rocket Dog ‘Orella’ patent high heels

Rocket Dog shoes

Rocket Dog ‘Orella’ shoes, £45


Technically speaking, these Rocket Dog ‘Orella’ shoes have a lot of elements I’d normally like. I mean, I LOVE the bow. It’s a particularly nicely shaped one, and the contrast of white against black works so well. If this bow was attached to a simple black peep toe, I’d probably be rushing to hot the “buy now” button.

But therein lies the problem. That bow ISN’T attached to a simple black peep toe. Oh, it’s a peep toe, all right. Rather a nice one, as it happens. And it’s black. But for some reason, Rocket Dog decided they didn’t want to stop there, so they added a couple of oversized daisies to the upper. Oh.

Now, again, the flowers are pretty in themselves. They have a bit of a “flower power” vibe, and I’ve mentioned that 60s style will be back in fashion this summer, so perhaps that’s what Rocket Dog were going for here: the large circular button does seem to play up the 60s feel. Where they fell short, I think, was in deciding to add those flowers to a rather sensible looking patent peep toe, rather than a more laid-back looking shoe, say. For me, they look like they don’t really belong there, and the combination of daisies, plus bow, is just a little too much. I’m actually not sold on the shape of the shoe either, but take away the bow OR the daisies, and we might just have something we could work with. As it is, though, these get the thumbs down from me, although I feel a little bad about saying it, because they’re trying so hard to be adorable.

What do you think of these? ARE they adorable,or do you agree that they’re just a little too much?

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